To my Semicolon Bookstore Campaign— supporting Black woman-owned businesses and Chicago youth and literacy.

To my Semicolon Bookstore Campaign— supporting Black woman-owned businesses and Chicago youth and literacy.

I really want you become an ally that is active it is the proper move to make.

Methods For You To Assist:


To your household and family members of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor


If you be involved in an area protest, be sure to simply take the following precautions and acknowledge city curfews— if they use.

Speak to your Congress Representative today


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686 thoughts on “ Dear White People, this is exactly what we wish You to Do ”

If you were to think me personally, or many white people who have common sense give a fuck about one thing since trivial as your epidermis pigment your are since ignorant as you accuse Caucasians to be, you’re in apathetic, selfish, shut minded person, and you’re leading the youth for this nation along with your very own creed into an irreversible age of physical violence, you weren’t my slave and I’m perhaps not your fucking master, and also you understand nothing about whom i will be is a person as well as the so called “privelage” i had Mocospace mobile site, We select the battle for right and wrong, perhaps not grayscale. May Jesus have mercy in your heart

May your delusions have actually mercy in your balls.

Wow. Solution to underline and stress exactly what had been just provides about. Goooood task showing is precisely just what privilege that is white! Thanks!

It is monkeys like you that produce black colored people look stuped.. there not as ignorant as you might be. your an embarrassment to any or all the great black people in the planet

Exactly just exactly What when you look at the absolute eff are you dealing with? My privilege to off work my balls to simply simply just take card of hundreds of useless monkeys whom overpopulated, do absolute absolutely absolutely nothing for the entire world and carry more diseases than just about just about any battle. Oh job that is good you make good growth growth music. What exactly is your history? How come the entire world hate you? just What perhaps you have EVER contributed? In case your competition can be so proud return back then go directly to the homeland. Find blow guns to your food and sticks and die from lions, hippos and mosquitoes. If whites are privilege d, its because we attained it. We took proper care of our personal. Exactly what do your battle state on the exact same topic? Your very own “kangz” offered you ignorant chimps to us. You’ve got owned slaves too. Where can be your reparations in their mind? No one is asking you to definitely be right here. It’s the contrary. Glance at the many countries that are prosperous earth… extremely white. Go through the worst. Very black. You monkeys are delusional. The reason that is only alive could be because of white kindness and empathy. You wouldve killed yourselves off if you don’t for the disturbance. Exactly exactly How a fuck am I privileged? I’ve worked since I have had been 15 and can’t get a totally free university training. Ive taken care of the whole thing. Working time that is full education regular for 6 years now into the title of bettering my sons future along with his sons futures. Ive encountered prejudice, ive experienced favoritism, ive negativity that is encountered. But dad taught us to endure and attain. Whats your dad’s name? Where is he at? You would like a war chimp that is fucking? It was got by you. We viewed i white cop save an elderly black man’s wife 3 weeks hence while a random black colored guy asked me personally for the smoke, then the trip, then face guide lived every thing and began screaming racist even though the cops and consume where wanting to conserve the dudes life. You ignorant puppets of society. Slave. Thats what you are actually. And you also want it. Suck dem dick and think they have been assisting you whenever thats all they done was rape you while reps make an effort to provide you with a leg up. One after another and you also neglect to use the rung that is free the ladder cuz you’d rather be violent raping, stinking and worthless pets. You do not might like to do better. Learn after research has proven your incompetence. Bit most get shunned because of the liberal news whom does not would you like to acknowledge facts. Id say I pity your heart but pets don’t have actually one. Chimp with vocal cords. Funny how i could teach any kind of son or daughter in the world English in three years and they talk it fluently. Or teach an English white individual any other language in identical some time they talk it fluently. You monkeys have experienced 300 years but still can’t pronounce ask. Ignorant trick. You think you ended up being kangz? You might think therefore highly? Let’s try this moneys. We will place you back your zoo in whence you arrived. Monkey.

Dude… who hurt you?

Crazy ass blacks don’t have shit cuz they live in past times of the person that is dead

The writer with this pathetic reason for a website just isn’t REALLY AFRICAN AMERICAN…she is Ebony United states. HER ANCESTORS ARE FROM EUROPE. never AFRICA. THEY STUMBLED ON NYC AND REMAINED UP NORTH FOR GENERATIONS. THESE PEOPLE WERE NEVER SLAVES. FUCKIN STUPID ASSHOLES whom DON’T EVEN COMPREHEND THEIR VERY OWN LINEAGE BUT DARE CLAIM SLAVE STATUS…I am a genealogist that is certified. We benefit a well understood online history web site. This is certainly simply a fraud and attempt that is desperate get attention.

Dear Mr. Armstrong, exactly exactly How could it be your home to determine this individual?

As ice Cube so eloquently sets it; “Shut up, bitch”

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